Web-Store General Sales Terms

  1. Membership System : Our web-store is run on membership basis, all customers must registered as a member before any purchases. For registration, customers must fill in all information required. If the information is inadequate or in-correct, we will reject any purchases.
  2. Currency : The prices listed in our web-site are Hong Kong Dollar. We do not accept all other currencies.
  3. Payment : We accept MASTERCARD、VISA、AMERICAN EXPRESS、UnionPay (China)、Paypal as payment media. We do not accept all local or foreign bank drafts
  4. Import Duties : Buyers from Mainland China or other foreign countries should be responsible their import duties. We will not issue any false invoices for the purpose of reducing import duties.
  5. Genuine product Guaranteed: All the products we sold are either our represented brands, or purchase from authorized wholesalers. We hereby guaranteed that all our products are genuine and real.
  6. Membership Discount : All Overlander members of different categories can enjoy various members’ discounts in some specific brands. Please check our web-site for details
  7. Purchase Redeem : A redeem dollar value from 0%-2% will apply to all purchases. It can be used in the next purchase in the web-store. Redeem value will be stored as an “Electronic dollar” and store under every members’ account. The redeem value is valid for 180 days from the day of transaction.
    As our retail store and web-store are using different computer system, the redeem value are calculated and redeem separately. i.e. the redeem value from web-store cannot be used in our retail store and vice versa.
  8. No cross region orders : We will only accept the order deliver to the same region as the member’s registered address. (Hong Kong & Macau are classified as same region) and no cross region orders are accepted. If the member fills in the delivery address other than the registered region, we will treat this order as “Un-deliverable” and it will be cancelled. An administration charge of no more than 10% of the total purchase value will be deducted and the remaining payment will be refund to the member.
  9. No cancellation or alternation : Once the order was confirmed, no cancellation or alternation is allowed. When we have received the confirmed order from the customer, we will pack & ship immediately. We are sorry that it is impossible to have any alternation or deletion.
  10. Shortage : We will try our best to keep the accuracy of the inventory information displayed. But however, if there are any situations which are beyond our control and caused a shortage in inventory, we will inform the customer and refund the merchandise value back into the payment account. We will not accept any complain for any lost caused by the shortage of our products.
  11. No commercial resell : Our web-store is designated to serve the end user and no commercial re-sell activities is allowed. If we discovered that any person who bought our products for resell purpose, we will terminate the membership and no further sales will be allowed.
  12. All orders are subject to our final confirmation : When the customer has confirmed the order and made the payment, it still require our final check and confirm the order. Under some circumstances, we will adjust the items or the quantities, such as limited quantity items, or limitation of sales regions, etc. We will inform the customer and refund excess value back into the payment account. We will not accept any complain for any lost caused by the adjustment of the orders.
  13. Product Specifications : The product specifications shown in our web-site are based the information provided by the manufacturer. Please noticed that the manufacture may modify their specification during the actual production. We will try our best to keep the accuracy of the information in our web-site.
  14. Colour Variations : Colours displayed in different video monitors may varies. On the other hand, different material have different texture that may affect the light reflections and resulting in different photographic results. Please understand that the actual colour of the product may not be absolute the same shown in computer monitor.
  15. Size Chart : The size charts shown in our web-site are supplied by the manufacturers. Different material or cutting may affect the actual size fittings.
  16. Shipping : We are using renowned courier company and the Hong Kong Mail service for shipment. If we use courier company, we will inform the customer a tracking number to check the delivery status. If there are public holidays or any big festivals, the delivery date may be affected. After we have dispatched the merchandises, our duties & responsibility have been completed. We are not responsible for any late delivery.
  17. Un-deliverable : If the customer fill in the wrong receiver’s name, or provide us a false or incomplete address and causing the order cannot be delivered. We will classified this order as “Un Deliverable” and cancel the order. An administration charge of not more than 10% of the invoice value will be charged and the remaining value will be refunded to the customer.
  18. Exchange and Return : If there are any size or quality problem, we will arrange either exchange or return of the merchandises. Customers please provide the sales receipt and request the return of the products within 10 days after receiving the goods. For details, please check our web-site section <Exchange, Return & Refund> of web store.
    Please return the merchandises to our head office rather than our retail shops. As our web-store & retail stores are managed independently, our retail shop will not accept return products from web-store sales.
  19. The followings cases are not applicable for exchange or return
    • Delivered over 10 Days
    • Unable to provide any proof-of-sales
    • Used or Washed products
    • Damaged packing, missing hangtags or missing accompanied accessories
    • All Food Categories
    • All underwear & Socks
    • Damage caused by drop and crash, wrong assembly, wrong storage.
    • Improper usage
    • Special offer goods (List in the Bargain Zone of our Web-site) Redeem products, gift items
    • Not the first hand buyer (If it is a gift, please ask the origin buyer to apply for exchange/return)
  20. We will provide only one exchange/return service for every product. If the customer require exchange or return again, a small amount of administration fee will be charged.
  21. If there are any disputes, we reserve the right for the final decision.
  22. If there are any discrepancies between the Chinese & English versions, the Chinese version shall prevail.
  23. Orders will be delivery within 7-10working days
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